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Coaching Career

Trainer for 80+ NFL draft picksOwner of Fred Robbins Performance

Career highlights and awards

Super Bowl champion (XLII)Sports Illustrated All-Pro (2008)former American football defensive tackle

Career NFL statistics

Tackles: 358

Solo: 264

Sacks: 35.5

FF: 4

Interceptions: 3


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Fred Robbins' extensive experience in various defensive positions in the NFL equips him with the insights to refine athletes' skills specific to their positions.

Having trained at the highest level, Fred offers in-person training that combines elite techniques with personalized feedback for maximal improvement.

As a former NFL defensive tackle, Fred possesses in-depth knowledge and firsthand experience to elevate the performance of defensive linemen.

Fred's ability to dissect game film, honed over a decade in the NFL, enables him to provide critical analysis and strategic insights to athletes.

Leveraging his NFL experience, Fred offers expert scouting and evaluation, identifying strengths and areas for improvement for aspiring athletes.

Fred Robbins' leadership as a team captain and his active community involvement highlight his skill in effective communication, essential for team sports.

With his comprehensive experience in professional football, Fred can guide athletes on avoiding common pitfalls, both on and off the field.

All-City to All-Pro:

The Rise of coach Fred Robbins

“Fredrick Robbins II” famously known as Fred Robbins carved a remarkable path in American football. Born in 1977, Fred's athletic journey began at J.M. Tate High School in Florida, where he excelled in both football and baseball. As an All-Northwest Florida selection, he earned a spot at Wake Forest University. There, his dominant performance as a defensive tackle helped propel the team's defense to a #2 ranking in the ACC (1999).

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2000, Fred's NFL career was impressive. He signed a lucrative rookie contract and consistently delivered results. A high-profile move to the New York Giants in 2004 placed him in a key role for their defense. He rose to the rank of captain in 2008, earning prestigious Sports Illustrated All-Pro recognition. Overcoming microfracture surgery that same year, Fred displayed remarkable dedication. He continued his successful career with the St. Louis Rams before retiring as a Super Bowl champion and an inspiration to many.

Fred's leadership extends beyond the field. He actively serves on the boards of the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce and Wake Forest University Deacon Club. His passion for mentoring young athletes led him to co-found "Mr. Robbins Neighborhood" and establish Fred Robbins Performance, an off-season training program for aspiring football players.

With a B.A. in Sociology, Fred Robbins is a true champion on and off the field, dedicated to giving back to the sport that shaped him.


NFLPA Golf Event

NY Giant. Mini Camp

Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin Track

Exos / FRP Dline Camp

KC Chiefs Training Camp

NY Giants Training Camp

Wake Forest Training Camp

Multiple College / NFL Games.

(Weekends)Exos Training

Mr. Robbins Neighborhood

Dedicated to Inspiring Youth Athletes.

Mr. Robbins’ Neighborhood (MRN) was founded in 2014 by Fred Robbins and his wife Tia. Driven by their desire to mentor young athletes, they saw many talented individuals struggle after their athletic dreams weren't realized. MRN aims to address this by providing guidance and helping young athletes develop a well-rounded perspective on success, both on and off the field.


Fred Robbins making headlines again! Discover the latest updates on his inspiring journey, where his unwavering dedication and leadership shine on and off the field.

Fred discusses how football unites people from diverse backgrounds, fostering teamwork and communication on and off the field. The game also imparts essential lessons in leadership, discipline, time management, and communication.

In October, Tia Robbins attended a Pensacola bowling event benefiting Mr. Robbins Neighborhood, the nonprofit founded by her husband, Fred, a former NFL player.

The New York Football Giants have a history of strong defensive teams that led fans to chant "Defense! Defense! Defense!" in the 1950s, even when the public mostly knew the offensive stars.

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Elevate your brand and empower athletes with Fred Robbins. Leverage his NFL expertise for impactful partnerships, inspiring speaking engagements, and elite-level coaching.


Elevate your brand and empower athletes with Fred Robbins. Leverage his NFL expertise for impactful partnerships, inspiring speaking engagements, and elite-level coaching.


Fred Robbins collaborates with premier organizations and individuals, leveraging collective expertise to drive impactful initiatives. Through strategic partnerships, he empowers athletes and organizations to achieve their full potential.

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